Cable TV and Pay TV in Australia FAQ 

Section 1: Introduction 

1.1 What's new in this edition? 

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1.2 Are there any disclaimers, copyright, etc. applying to this FAQ? 

Yes. Please read Section 6 for all the details. 

1.3 How can I contribute to this FAQ 

To contribute to this FAQ please send your e-mail to

People whose contributions are included in the FAQ will be listed in the Credits section at the end of the FAQ, unless you ask to be anonymous. 

1.4 Where can I get a copy of the latest version of this FAQ? 

You can get a copy of the latest version of this FAQ on the World Wide Web, and via news 

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This FAQ is posted every second month to newsgroups,,, and soc.culture.australian. However, it may be posted more frequently from time to time at times when things change significantly in Australian pay TV.