Cable TV and Pay TV in Australia FAQ

Section 6: Copyright, disclaimers, references, etc.

6.1 Copyright

This edition of the FAQ is copyright. (c) 1995 Liron Lightwood. All rights reserved. This FAQ or any part of it may be freely copied, stored, and/or distributed, providing that it is on a non-profit basis. Also, it must be stated that the extract comes from this FAQ, and how an original copy of the latest version of this FAQ may be obtained from at least one of the locations and methods mentioned in the FAQ.

The words and meaning of any sections copied or distributed must not be altered, except for translation into other languages. In this case, the meaning must be preserved completely, or as completely as the translated-into language will allow.

If you wish to copy, store or distribute any part of this FAQ in any other way, you must obtain written permission from the author.

6.2 Disclaimers

This FAQ aims to provide information about pay TV access and services in Australia without favour or bias towards any pay TV operators. It is provided on a non profit basis as a service to the internet community and other interested people.

This FAQ is provided as is, with no express warranties whatsoever. Reader beware!

The information contained in this FAQ is included in good faith on the understanding that it is fairly accurate. However, please understand that it may not be correct, and the author will not be held responsible or liable if the information is found to be inaccurate. The author will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or any other consequential loss as a result of reading the information contained in this FAQ. Readers concerned about this should take precautions, such as conducting their own research.

6.3 Credits

Information in this FAQ comes mostly from reading daily Australian newspapers, however some information may come from radio, TV, magazines, other people, usenet, the internet and publicly available information material supplied by pay TV companies.

Special thanks to the following people who have made contributions to this FAQ and whose contributions have been included in this FAQ.