Liron's Cable TV and Pay TV Homepage

Cable TV and Pay TV in Australia FAQ - A FAQ about receiving pay TV in Australia.

TV Net - a comprehensive site with extensive lists of TV stations and networks around the world, and much more. I recommend this site for people on both sides of the small screen.

Pay TV Online - a site devoted exclusively to pay TV.

Where's the Remote! Homepage - contains program listings for Galaxy channels and episode guides to some programs on Galaxy.

JJ's Pay Television Australia information compilation - a list of cable TV and pay TV services and channels in Australia.

Kenn's Pay Tv Home Page - another homepage about cable TV and pay TV in Australia.

Cable Networks In Australia - another list of cable TV and pay TV networks in Australia.

Australian Television Guide - an Australian capital city TV guide on the Web.

National TV Guide - another Australian capital city TV guide on the Web.

Tony's Melbourne TV Grid Guides - includes listings for Foxtel channels.

Television Schedules of the World - with links to TV schedule WWW sites around the world.

J.J.'s Science Fiction and Fantasy page - weekly listings of science fiction and fantasy programs on Australian TV (what a big difference a little pay TV can make :-).

J.J.'s TV page - another TV page, featuring links to free to air and pay TV pages.

Cable Datacom News - newsletter & information about cable modems.

The Australian Satellite Television Homepae satellite from Australia - contains information on what can be received via satellite from Australia.

Here are some official cable TV and pay TV channel homepages:

Here are some Australian cable TV and pay TV service homepages: